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Greece 2013 – Athens & Crete

A glimpse into our trip to Greece in April. We arrived in Athens in the evening. We found our hotel and a surprisingly delightful restaurant nearby. It looked and sounded like a tourist trap, Alexander the Great restaurant, but turned out to be great.  Since we were going to be in Athens for only one […]

Camera Obscura, Pin Hole Camera, and Lumen Prints

  One of the things I find completely irresistible is someone who has a passion for their art. A home schooling mom friend here in England is into the art of the camera obscura, the pin hole camera and lumen printing. Over the last couple of weekends, as part of the Sydenham Arts Festival, Ky Lewis […]

A Day Out – Goldhawk Road, Shepard’s Bush, London

I have been searching for the fabric mecca of London since arriving here in November of 2011. Nearly a year later, I have found it. It is called Goldhawk Road at the end of the Shepards Bush Market. From South West London, I take the Northern Tube line to Stockwell station, change to Victoria Line […]

Photos of Cali

Remember my post yesterday about feeling good? Hummm, not so good today. Cali 1998 – 2012 Saying Good Bye In 1998 on a hot early summer evening a puppy was thrown from a car door into the front yard of my parents old house in Clements, CA.  The house windows were open to try to […]

I Feel Good….

Is it the family and friends that have visited? Is it that we are on our 2nd day of sunny warm weather?  Is it because I have a date with my husband to take a salsa dancing lesson tonight?  It is hard to say why I feel so good, but I sure does feel good […]

Dog Poop

Don’t you just love the steamy pile? Giggle, gross, giggle, gross. 🙂 Dog Poop – for the first time in 14 years I don’t have a dog, so you may wonder why I would write a blog post about Dog Poop. I do not understand why people do no pick up after their dogs. Now […]

Queens Diamond Jubilee

This Year the Queen and all of London celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  She has been the reigning Queen for 60 years.  The longest reigning Monarch in England was Queen Victoria, 64 years. The Jubilee was the topic of nearly every conversation, shop window display, Brownie and Guides activities…. you get the idea.  The girls […]

Making Sandals

We’ve done and seen so much.  We’ll see if I can get a few short blogs up. MAKING SANDALS We had a terrific time making sandals, now if the weather will cooperate so we can wear them regularly. It was fun to see the totally different styles that each person designed and made.  Yes, we […]

The American Way

I am attempting to navigate the world of socialized medicine. I was able to get “registered” yesterday, and had to call for an “urgent” appointment to get a prescription refilled because they are booking out two weeks in advance right now. I called at 8:30 am on the dot and was 9th in the phone […]

Italy – Agriturismo Montalbino

We are staying at the most awesome place. Our friends found it. It is agriturisimo at its best. Donkeys, chickens, pigs, goats, geese, turkeys and cows. Pig families settling down for the night.  Mom & Dad lay snout to snout and piglets pile in the middle.        A very cold but beautiful pool […]