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Hello Today Is April 16th

Hi so I haven’t written in a while but I am hoping that will change since Mom, Eli and I are trying out a new system were we put blocks of time to something and then do it, for exaple this morning my alarm went off at 7 which we planned then the next hour […]


The easter bunny came yesterday. he or she hid the eggs the last egg to be found was in the mail slot it was so fun!

The American Way

I am attempting to navigate the world of socialized medicine. I was able to get “registered” yesterday, and had to call for an “urgent” appointment to get a prescription refilled because they are booking out two weeks in advance right now. I called at 8:30 am on the dot and was 9th in the phone […]

April 3 2012

So I want to got to the London zoo with Emeline, we have been once before,but we want to go again and we are going to go tomorrow or the day after. We want to go to the adventure park in the back of the back of the zoo thats it for now BYE