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Hello Today Is April 16th

Hi so I haven’t written in a while but I am hoping that will change since Mom, Eli and I are trying out a new system were we put blocks of time to something and then do it, for exaple this morning my alarm went off at 7 which we planned then the next hour was given for us all to get ready for our day, shower dress eat ect. then from 8 – 9 we spent doing quiet chores: sorting laundry, cleaning out room, ect. Then from 9-10 we did loud chores like laundry, vacuming, ect. a 30 minute break and now we, form 10:30 – 12 we work like math science, LA, ect. ┬áThe only reason (other than I miss you) that I wrote was I was unable to get on to ten marks, time to do some khan!


Bye !!!

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  1. jtf says:

    You guys got off to a good start with the new schedule!

    Has there been continuing success or is it starting to slip?


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