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New Blog

emeline  and I made a new blog this is its link it is new so there are not very many posts but yha how to post about 1-2 a week thanks Eliana

iPad Mini

It is 11 and I am supposted to be sleeping but I cant because the new ipad has come out, iPad mini. It is 7.9 inches diagonal across. It has nearly everything from the “New iPad”  except instead of  a 6x power or something it has 5. When I go to CA in December I […]

Subject?- 14 Oct 12

It is 8:15 and I need to post this before tomorrow or there will be reckoning. This post is a update on my life! First, mom, Eli and  I will meet up with dad in Budapest next Monday. Not much long after Eli will be going to school! After that I get to go to […]