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Rosetta Stone, Magna Carta, Elizabeth’s signature.

I am completely overwhelmed with the enormity of getting to see… The Rosetta Stone in person. The tool that allowed western man to understand egyptian hieroglyphics at the The British Museum.  It is big but not massive  compared to some of the  statues, and the writing is so tiny.  How did they do that on […]

My Favorite part of 27

My favorite part of today was this morning. Or maybe I enjoy this more, it’s close. Right now everyone’s on their electrics Eli’s laptop is playing music while she plays with our electric yahtzee die. Mom’s on her new laptop. Dad’s on his laptop while it charges his iPhone. And I am on MY LAPTOP! This […]

The Long Day

Thursday was a very long day. Leanne took first Eliana then Emeline down to see a bit of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. After I finally finished packing up at the hotel then set out for The High Line, a park built on a bit of elevated railway. On the way we got to walk […]

I See People

Looking through my pictures there is a distinct before/after that happened on Thursday. Before I have shots of hidden surprises large and small, pigeons looking down on commoners and royalty alike, intersections at night and other contrasts that caught my eye. But starting with the cab ride on Thursday suddenly these people appear. The places still matter — MOMA, Central Park, […]