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Three seats

Today around 9:30 we (My mom and I) left the house after saying good bye to my dad. We walked to and through the common. We talked about what we were going to do that day and dogs. We met a French Bulldog. Then we walked down a street, the cars rushing past us. We crossed the street and walked into a building. This building happened to be the nearby court of justice. We were there to watch a few cases as I want to be a lawyer. We went through security without a problem. Then we entered Court 2 without looking at the schedule. We go there around 10:05 and sat there until 10:30 when the cases started. It was interesting to watch from out booths behind glass. Between us and the lawyers there was a glass room.  When the first case started a guard brought in a 30 something man. Then I notice the door in the back of room opens and two women and one man came out and sat in the seats in the back. The seats were black leather and looked important. Well… yes they were important, in fact the three people who sat in the chairs were crucial. They gave out the sentence. We watched the mans case and the one after that then we got some food. At this point it was between 11:30 to 12:00. This time we entered court 1. We were just in to see a young man, no older than 25 get a sentencing of a LOT of community service hours. Then was Mr. Brown who was charged with threatening someone. The biggest difference was that there was no glass room that the defendant stood, everyone in court one came in of their own will. After Mr.Brown’s sentencing came the most stereo typical car thief I have ever seen. He had a bald head and big eye brows he wore a hoody and was the only person to plea not-guilty, he did it on three charges. All car theft he was accused of selling them for parts. He asked to be tried by the crown court so we didn’t find out what happened. Last, but not least was a man arrested with being drunk and disorderly, when they searched him they found cocain and meth. However we didn’t see his sentence either because they couldn’t find out if he had a record or not. Then we left. I hed to get out because I just couldn’t sit still, even though mom said she had no idea I had been moving.

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