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France July 2014 Day 2

July 25 2014 

Paris, France

Day two is practically over, but I’m not asleep yet. Today I had a late start, waking around 8:35 or so and not getting up until later. Carolyn and Jay brought fresh pain au chocolat, croissants, and a baguette from a boulangerie. SO DELICIOUS. No pictures of that I’m afraid.

It was around 10:30 when we left the apartment and went on a wild bus chase. That took a while… Finally we arrived at Notre Dame, I did get pictures of that. The Notre Dame, which I have seen before, is quite extraordinary. If you can visit Paris, see Notre Dame… after that go the bookstore.

Shakespeare and Co. We went, the books are in English, and they have a great selection. Luckily for my parent’s wallet’s, I have excellent restraint and only bought 3 books… Kidding, I bought one and we have the chance to go back if we (Olivia and I) want. As you may guess, we spent hours at the library. After buying our books Carolyn and Jay bought lunch which we ate at a local park. This was awesome! Surely you are all curious about the book I bought, am I right? It doesn’t matter, I’m going to tell you regardless. I bought I, Robot by Isaac Asimov, thanks Dad for the recommendation.

After the book shenanigans we walked, we walked in the Latin quarter, we walked by the river, we walked across the river, then we walked back. Well, we walked back… to the metro. Then we took the metro home. We spent some amazingly delicious hours at home, where I wrote about yesterday, naps were had, food was eaten, and internet used.

We walked to the diner for dinner, but 15 minutes after ‘opening time’ they were still quite closed, so we ate at a restaurant next door. I ordered in proper French: “Je voudrais un(e?) omelette avec pomme du terre, ” translated I said, ” I would like a omelette with potato.” Of course the waiter had to confuse me by quickly asking what I wanted to drink. It took a minute to understand, luckily Carolyn saved me as she understood much quicker. The omelette was delicious!

Then the really important part of the day began! Joking mostly. We took the metro to the arch de triumph (arch of victory) which Olivia and Jay went to the top. It was beautiful, not in comparison to Notre Dame, and it was slightly less photogenic but pretty none the less. We walk past the arch de triumph and along a road I do not know the name of. I got a slushie and Olivia got a coca cola at a stand as we walked into a garden. WE walked up some stair… then we were at the Louvre. I have no idea how that happened but it was a beautiful night and Paris lived up to it’s name as the city of lights. The day drew to a close as we took the metro home and enjoyed solitude together in the flat. I wrote until past midnight and fell asleep before finishing this post. It is 9:12 pm 26 of July 2014. I will go to sleep now, but I will tell you about today, tomorrow.

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  1. Leanne (aka Mom) says:

    Wow, you covered a lot of territory. Did you put that bit about using your French, in just for me. Because it works, I was tickled when I read it.

    I too walk all over Paris that day. My highlights were the D’Orsay museum. It was awesome! I finally sorted the difference between Art Deco (graphic & and clean lines) and Art Nouveaux (curves, plants & flowers).

    Then I went to Art Decoratifs which is near the Louvre. That one had an amazing exhibition by Dries Van Noten. I’d never heard of him before, but I shall never forget him and his fashion designs. It was quite possibly the best fashion exhibit I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen several in the last few years.

    Glad you are all having a good time. Love ya. Mom

  2. Sandra Goulding says:

    Jeff, Thanks for the heads up on the Blog and Emeline for your blog about your trip. We were in Paris many years ago, so the things you talk about bring back our trip, which was great. Leanne, thanks also for your words. How fabulous you could also see and do things of interest on you own. Keep us posted. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Emeline!!!

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