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Travelling in America: Day 1

December 18th 2014

I live in England, as you know. We must wear uniforms to school, except on the special ‘own clothes days’. Thursday was such a day. This was also the day I left to go to America. So, I wore my own clothes to school, then after my 3rd lesson and break around 12:20 I went home. We left for the air port around 1:15. Unluckily for us, there was oddly bad traffic, so we were in a bit of a rush.

Boarding was delayed. Thus, we were able to get lunch. Yay! Then the 8 hour flight started. It is hard to describe the dooming feeling of plane as it takes off. I’m rather used to it now, but I don’t think I shall ever like it. I read my book, watched (Marvel’s Wolverine) movies, and listened to music, with time to spare. Landing is probably worse than take off. It isn’t as loud, or as abrupt. However it manges to create a feeling like someone found a dryer, and put the plane with it. So, I sat on a plane moving in one of the best landings I have seen/felt. Yet I still feel like someone stuck their hand in my stomach and is playing around in it. Basically put, I felt feverish and nauseous even during a smooth landing. I was tired by then, (it was around midnight in London, 7pm Washington D.C,)  travelling is surprisingly hard on the body.

We landed in Washington D.C. USA.  We (Mom, Dad, Eli, and I) went through immigration, luggage collection (which took a surprising amount of time), and customs. Only to drop off our luggage, again. Then we took another flight to Florida. By the time we landed it must have been 1:30am Washington D.C. (or Florida) and 6:30 London. Usually I wake up around 6:30 am.

Baggage collection took up enough time for me to use up the last of my phone’s battery and for everyone to get thoroughly cranky. Then we wait for the hotel’s shuttle bus to arrive. It didn’t come. For 30 minutes we waited, then we took a cab the 5 minutes there.

We finally went to bed in the hotel room around 2am, local time.

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  1. leanne says:

    I was just reflecting on how exhausting traveling is also. Then I thought about how lucky we are to be able to travel by choice and in relative luxury. It doesn’t undo the upset stomach feeling I get when I’ve been awake for 24+ hours. However after some rest and food I usually feel much better AND I am some place new to explore.

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