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Horrible History

Horrible history is a show that is GROSE and tells you about the worse side of history and it will make the history funny for some kids to watch you might find it on BBC, YouTube or PBS

24 hours or less

so without a car you do a lot of walking and bike/tube riding, we got bikes yesterday, used hoping that no bike theif would want used bikes! WRONG today between 1:30 and 3:30 some one stole eli’s bike

Iron Gym Day 3

So since I home school  we often go days without going outside, we couldn’t run or jump of do had stands any were in the house except of a 4×6 foot mat, and I remembered how much I loved using Anton’s door way pull up bar, so I put 1+1 together and asked for a […]

Camping in the house Day 1

I have set up camp and right now I am in need of some supplies like more blankets and 1 more stuffed animal.                                                                 […]