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Chapter 1

Now since I home school and enjoy writing I  have a assignment to post chapters of a story. This is chapter one of four from a story called: Playing with the Natural, a Tale of Mortimer                                       […]

Sling Shot

Well, I made a sling shot with my Mom. Dad made me write about it. Here is how we made the sling shot. First mom got a big fork shaped stick. I went and got out a bed sheet and spread it out on the floor in the living room.  I went and got my Swiss […]

I Walk Down a Special Lane Called Memory

(all similarities to people both living or dead are merely coincidence  ) I walk down the small muddy lane that leads to the house, by “the” house I mean the house that my family lived in before we moved else where many years now past. The light is on and I can hear children happily […]