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Oh, what a dinner! Cras, France

When you travel to France you look forward to the food.  So last night did not disappoint.  We went out to dinner, reservations were at 8 pm. It was festive and fancy, but welcoming and not stuffy. The menu was all in french and unlike the crepe menus I could not figure it out with […]

Chartreuse – Cras, France

  Did you know the color Chartreuse comes from a liqueur made by monks in France? Me neither, but I do now.  I have often found describing colors difficult.  Jeff and I particularly have trouble with Khaki (is it tan, green, brown or grey).  Our ideas are very different.  Now I know why there are […]

Second day in Paris

We started a bit later today, Wednesday, 28 December 2011.  Cold chance of rain.  To prepare for tomorrow and make Jeff comfortable with our departure, we did a practice run, from the flat to Gare du Nord to Gare de Lyon.  We got our tickets and then with a sigh of relief headed out to […]

New York, London, and now….Paris

It is our third major world city in just over a month.  For the  girls, it is all becoming a bit of a muddle as to what happened where.  Homeschooling is a bit of a misnomer in that it is more like walking schooling.  We walk a lot!!!  Today, our first day in Paris was […]

Lauridsen’s in London

  The Lauridsen’s have come and gone. Their much anticipated visit did not disappoint. Our girls have enjoyed playing with their girls at least once a month for about six years during our monthly wine club get together. We spent three fabulous days together. The girls were delighted to have friends to play with, as […]

20th of december

On the 20th of December we went to the tower of London and Ice skated for a  hour after that we had some hot chocolate, that one was nothing special, I mean it was delicious, but just the same as the pour the dust into hot milk kind. Then we went to the tower of […]

Last Three Day!!!

From the 19th to the 21 I wrote not a word, now mom is making me write, that’s fine though. She wants me to write about what we did. so I will, in small paragraphs.     19th of December On the 19th I saw some friends of mine, my mom’s, and my dad’s. my […]

Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn   It seems Anne Boleyn’s life was not easy, she had at least two unsuccessful engagements before King Henry VIII. She had one baby girl in 1533, followed by three miscarriages, by 1536 King Henry was courting another. Anne was charged for high treason, and later witchcraft, four days after her trial at […]

I’m sorry.

Hi, I need to say sorry to my councilor, Ayla yesterday I was supposed to meet with her on Skype, but even though mom told me to email her so we didn’t waste her time, I did write her a email, but forgot to send it! So, I’m sorry Ayla.


I have to talk quickly because we are picking them up at 10, but I wanted you to know that our long time friends the Lauridsen’s  are here to visit they’re leaving on the 22 so we don’t have much time! They got here  yesterday but had just got off a 10 hour flight. Bye!