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Thank you all for your comments, my dad was worried that I wasn’t getting them because I didn’t respond, no I have read them, but when you comment on one of my posts I get a  email. I then read it there and just don’t reply. That is why I am making this post I […]


I would have piercings by now, but it turns out you need valid ID for that. The funny thing about a driver’s license is that they’re hard to come by when you’re working all the days you could get even a permit. Passport? Well, it helps if you can find your old one. Birth certificate? […]

London’s Manly Fashion

This one’s about the men! Most of the places I’ve been I’ve seen men wear, what? T-shirts, and jeans, only if it’s a fancy meeting they’ll wear a black suit some times a tux If you walk by a bar in Santa Cruz you see a couple of men it wearing working clothes, jeans button […]

Cali We Miss You

we miss you cali so much I think of you a LOT i miss your fuzzy little ear and your soft fur that sheds in the summer   ELIANA

A Subway Story

I have a bit of a delay on my blog posts about our adventures, but here is another story from New York. After several days walking everywhere and of Eliana asking if she can take the subway, I agreed as we were going from 45th Street to 86th Street, and 41 blocks is a lot […]

That’s All Folks!

Good night sleep Tight don’t let the bed bugs bite! I’m going to be but I’m thinking of one of my BFF, Meiya. I’ve known her as long as I can remember! and I miss her and her mom Terri VERY MUCH. I have to go to bed know but… I don’t know, maybe i just […]

Should I….

Should I write fiction about our life, or fantasy about my ideas, or a poem? Please post a comment on what I should write about PLEASE!

2 and 1/2 weeks!

Part of a normal life thing is seat belts, you click your seat belt on the way to a friends house, or on your way to school, or to keyboard, or basketball, to the beach, to the cousins house, to San Francisco. You click your seat belt at least 5 times a day (usually). Wwwweeeeellllllll […]

London & Harry Potter

We didn’t come to London to do Harry Potter stuff, but we are very fond of Harry Potter stories, so it has been thrilling to stumble upon and seek out various landmarks. First there is Kings Cross station with Platform 9 3/4.       Then there is Hogsmead, the town they visit to get […]

Skittles and Black Boots

We have been getting lots of use of our down jackets and snow coats. I have been delighted in our bright colors because I can see my kids in a crowd. We’ve been a lot of crowds. Emeline is less thrilled with standing out. She’d tried to wear her black jacket but it is just […]