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London & Harry Potter

Emeline at platform 9 3/4

We didn’t come to London to do Harry Potter stuff, but we are very fond of Harry Potter stories, so it has been thrilling to stumble upon and seek out various landmarks. First there is Kings Cross station with Platform 9 3/4.


Eliana at Platform 9 3/4



Then there is Hogsmead, the town they visit to get butter beer this is Leadenhall Market in real London. While at Leadenhall market there was a woman with a few owls, talking about owls and the risk they are at from the loss of their habitats.   (I am going to go find the picture of the owls and add it here. )


Finally we walked by Privit Drive just a couple of days ago. It was early evening and mostly dark already. Emeline pointed out how weird it felt that the street light was flickering. I said it looks like when Hagrid came to get Harry Potter from Privit Drive the first time. Emeline says, “Mom, that was Privit Drive we just passed.” I didn’t get a photo of the street sign that night, but i’ll try to remember when we pass it again.

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