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I know the title is weird so i will write about it. I will pretend I am a scientist, I am making a new word, enufgi. What IS enufgi? it is a new species found in the hidden mountains. The enufgi is a type if dragon that flies, swims and walks. It has a long […]

What To Write? 28 NOV

What should I write I could write about Breaking Dawn Part 1, I could write my thoughts, I’ll start with my day. We went to the British Museum. We saw the Rosetta Stone. Mom’s Favorite. Me and Sis like the Egypt collection best it had mummies, tablets, coffins, pots, coins, and more. We each did a […]

My Favorite part of 27

My favorite part of today was this morning. Or maybe I enjoy this more, it’s close. Right now everyone’s on their electrics Eli’s laptop is playing music while she plays with our electric yahtzee die. Mom’s on her new laptop. Dad’s on his laptop while it charges his iPhone. And I am on MY LAPTOP! This […]

First Weekend in London

Saturday was everything I had hoped for, almost exactly the route I had envisioned for our first proper walk in London. We started the morning in Borough Market on the advice of my uncle Larry, and what a fantastic place to spend the morning that is. A foodie paradise, Borough Market is a dangerous place […]


what do you do when you are board? Reply if you know!!! ELIANA

26 Nov

Around 8:15 it turns out I ended up asleep and was the last one awake, I lay in bed with mom and Eli in mom’s room while Eli read aloud the blog posts I had written the night before. We then hungrily and hurriedly, or not so hurriedly got dressed (dad took a shower) and […]