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26 Nov

Around 8:15 it turns out I ended up asleep and was the last one awake, I lay in bed with mom and Eli in mom’s room while Eli read aloud the blog posts I had written the night before. We then hungrily and hurriedly, or not so hurriedly got dressed (dad took a shower) and ready to go to the market for breakfast. I had no idea there Saturday market was SO BIG! We ate and drank fruitfully we had smoothies, hot chocolate, apple cider, and juices. With a full stomach of tasters we began to walk along the river Thames there we saw Big Ben, London Eye, many bridges, and lots of boats.

We got to vendors who sold stuff from jewelry and watches to scarves and christmas tree ornaments on a higher level we heard a band and watched people, I started running out of patience for the people we were meeting when dad got a text they were on their way. we waited and I to played Cut The Rope on my iPod. They arrived there were two girls one a little younger than Eli her name was Emma the other was 5 months older than Eli, Exactly 5 months older. Her name was Abby. We ate at Wagamama then had a treat  while we played on rock sculptors Over by the rock sculptors we had had fun sliding down on a hand rail, then went on a simulator Abby and Emma seemed to find it amazing, I found it OK, but I’ve been on a Smithsonian jet fighter simulator.

Then we headed to the Big Ben and London Eye, we stopped in a nook by the subway. Abby, Emma, Eli, and myself tried flipping pence, jumping off the steps, and just looking at the rivers murky waters. Finally we found a game we enjoyed-to a extent sliding down the bump infested railing. There were blueberry sized bumps on the railing to discourage sliding down, we make a game of trying to find a way down the railing without being hurt by metal bumps. Then it was time to go home we said good bye for now and got on the subway home.

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