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Happy Leap year all! How did you like the horrible histories? and don’t forget to see the video we made, mom spent ALL DAY making it. tty

Raclette at Borough Market

One of my favorite meals from my first trip to Europe with my Dad while I was in my 20’s was raclette.  I think I had it in Switzerland, but I can’t remember for sure, Dad do you remember where we had raclette?  It is very simple.  Boiled potatoes with melted cheese.  The special raclette […]


My brother Anton was on the San Jose State hockey team, the team was named the Spartans here is a link to a horrible histories about spartans                                

Food in our Life

To regain some control over my emotions and energy levels, I went off refined sugar for about 1.5 years. Unfortunately, I have completely fallen off the no sugar wagon. High tea with cream, sugar and scones and clotted cream have been my undoing. Combine that with a wonderful French bakery just around the corner and […]


Hey Emeline here, I don’t know what to write and well I have to write something, here is a list of my favorite Horrible History Videos, Eli will show you spartan high school, I’ll show you the classics, and my other personal favorites: Wives of Henry the 8th Tudors Kings and Queens The 4 Georges  […]

Why I’m Glad I Wasn’t Spoiled

Hey everyone, Anton here. Well I haven’t posted for a while buut things are going pretty well! Other than the fact that I’m sick. And have chores. Also there’s tons of homework. And I can’t really afford the food I want… Okay, lemme start over. I had a moment a few days ago where I […]

IMac is Here

Our stuff came on Friday the 10th! Right now we have loads of stuff in our reception/dinning room. Of all the stuff my favorite was the iMac! Actually I am writing this post using the iMac YAY! Today we’re going to make cookies! :):) HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY This part of the post is sadder, my […]

Ted talks

I watched a ted talk called on creativity and play if you have any more questions post a comment

Our Stuff Here on Friday

I have been in London since November 25th, 2011. This Friday, February 10th, 2012, our things from the US should arrive. I have a mix of excitement, relief and panic. It is amazing how little I’ve really needed since we’ve been here. Somethings that I have had to buy and have used repeatedly are: scissors, […]


Yesterday as we walked out of the subway to find it snowing!!! It now its a day later and most of the snow has melted. But we did get some good play time in. So sorry for not writing, see we don’t have any internet, we’re just borrowing the neighbors.