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Cream Tea N' Scones at one of many afternoon stops while sight seeing

To regain some control over my emotions and energy levels, I went off refined sugar for about 1.5 years. Unfortunately, I have completely fallen off the no sugar wagon. High tea with cream, sugar and scones and clotted cream have been my undoing.

Le Petit Boulanger - Abbeyville Road, London SW4

Combine that with a wonderful French bakery just around the corner and I am doomed!

However on a different note, I have gone mostly vegetarian. In fact all four of us are essentially vegetarian. Emeline is the only truly dedicated one.  Despite Jeff being the first to take the veggie status, I think he eats more meat than the rest of us. He likes adventure eating and meat is often in that category. For some reason meat feels scary in a foreign place, to me. In general Eliana and I are not fond of feeling like we are doing without (anything), but have come to prefer a vegetarian diet, so we no longer feel like we are doing without. It has even gotten to the point where if I order a nice big juicy burger at a restaurant I ask for a veggie patty.

Veggies from Sunday Farmers Market, right around the block

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