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What To Write? 28 NOV

What should I write I could write about┬áBreaking Dawn Part 1, I could write my thoughts, I’ll start with my day.

We went to the British Museum. We saw the Rosetta Stone. Mom’s Favorite. Me and Sis like the Egypt collection best it had mummies, tablets, coffins, pots, coins, and more. We each did a video on a piece of the collection. I did two since I didn’t like my first one, one was of a small statue wearing a long robe that covers all but his hands, head, and feet. My other was a tablet of two men, each had a spear and it looks like they are fighting one another, also you can see their ribs. But… thing are not what they appear to seem. Their guarding a god called The Great Lion. The things that appear to be ribs are a sign of wealth, they are fat from much food and a easy way of life.

After the Museum we saw Breaking Dawn Part 1 Which I will not say a word about because I don’t want to spoil anyone’s movie.

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  1. Carolyn Campbell says:

    It sounds like you are all having a wonderful adventure!!! We miss you already, though xxxooo

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