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It is probably my final update for the “night”. It’s still dark out and I think I am the only one awake. 6:25 AM for me is 8:25 PM for you so, nighty night Tiny Dreams Emeline 

Cali my fuzzy Friend

All the time now went the house is quiet  I think I hear the jingle of Cali’s collar almost call her to me then I remember she isn’t there, and it’s just my imagination sad really. I MISS CALI!!!!!!!!!!!!


It is now 4:09 and I can’t sleep because I think of the nap I took in the Cub Quarters Hotel room I’m think of quietly going up stairs and having some left over pasta from last night Sorry I know this must be insanely boring but I need something to do Tiny Dreams Emeline


For most of my dad’s post I just read I went Yeah Yep Uh Yeah, Then we go to the picture of me CONKED OUT! I don’t remember being that asleep! Hey Dad  I loved the ” three jumpers and a sweatshirt ” line. Tiny Dreams Emeline


I love my dad but every time I hang out with him he just reads on his iPhone ! I had to do something, so I tested. I tested ignoring him, he ignored me. I tried asking him questions, he didn’t hear me. I talked to him and demanded his full attention, he didn’t give it. […]

2:15 AM

It is 2:15 AM and I have been awake for around 45 minutes I just can’t seem to sleep, I tried laying still\ just laying eyes closed, my retainer hurt so I took it out, I’m hungry but don’t want to scary mom and dad by going upstairs and I don’t know if we have […]

The Long Day

Thursday was a very long day. Leanne took first Eliana then Emeline down to see a bit of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. After I finally finished packing up at the hotel then set out for The High Line, a park built on a bit of elevated railway. On the way we got to walk […]


We made it we are here in London. It is a three bedroom apartment, two stories high (bedrooms and bathrooms down stairs, kitchen and living space  upstairs) Eli and I have our own rooms, men is smaller and hers much larger, BUT when guests are here they get Eli’s room. For every bedroom there is […]


We went to the worlds BIGGEST store. it’s Macy’s!!!  it’s Eleven stories high !:) ELIANA


Grandma this one’s  for you I miss you and I’m sorry I missed you before we left because you were in Mexico Comment and tell me all about it!   Love You All   Tiny Dreams Emeline