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Grandma this one’s ¬†for you I miss you and I’m sorry I missed you before we left because you were in Mexico Comment and tell me all about it!


Love You All


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  1. Mom/Grandma/Pat says:

    Hi Emeline, I had a great time in Mexico. I stayed at an oceanside resort that was very beautiful. It had lots of animals: flamingos, white swans, a black swan, peacocks, a white peacock and iguanas. But the best animal was one I have never seen before: it looked a bit like a raccoon but had a long tail (over 12″) and a long pointy nose (sorta like an ant eater). They were everywhere there was food. The first morning there Avery and I didn’t know about these critters and they jumped up on Avery’s lap and stole her entire pancake. I am going to email some pics. Unfortunately the first few days were overcast and rainy – but I love the tropics even in the rain. The last few days were gorgeous so we were at the beach from morning til night. I read 5 books. I think you would have loved it there.

    • Emeline says:

      It sounds beautiful, I had no idea there was such a thing as white peacocks, did you find out what the mystery animal was?

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