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Cali my fuzzy Friend

All the time now went the house is quiet  I think I hear the jingle of Cali’s collar almost call her to me then I remember she isn’t there, and it’s just my imagination sad really. I MISS CALI!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. anna says:

    My family could vist Cali for you send pics too.

  2. Sandra Grammie Goulding says:

    Cali is doing very well, but I know she misses all of you too. Everyone that comes over she checks them out. I am sure she is looking for for your special smell. She is happy and eating well. She has not made any dog friends yet, but I think she will soon. There is a group of dogs with owners that we see in the Park each day. They are her size and smaller. Each time we see them she is a little calmer. However, if she thinks I am taking her toward the “dog park” she turns around and pulls me back toward home. I take her leash off and and follow her right back to our front door. Tell your Mom I finally found the granola bars. They were in a box that grandpa had put outside and just brought in yesterday to unload & put away.

    Our love to all
    Hugs & Kisses,

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