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Still stuck in my head is Mama Mia! Last night along with king size shared KitKAt and some Twizzlers  we watched Mama Mia on BROADWAY!   Tiny Dreams Emeline

I Love Rain… hey where IS my umbrella!

we left all ready for rain, even though it wasn’t raining at the moment. we all had umbrella’s and everyone, except eli, ( meaning me and mom) had water prof coats. It starts to rain and sure enough mom and I pull out our umbrella’s and open them why eli stand under mine looking for […]

Macy Crazy

Crazy at Macy’s I say, but BIG Savings! 9 stories and a cellar  we left with one big paper bag and two smaller plastic bags! Saved lots, spent more, fun, but (In this my grandfather can relate) it’s Kryptonite! Tiny Dreams Emeline


Happy Birthday daddy! We all love you! Happy Birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear daddy happy birthday to you!   Post Your happy birthday wishes to my dad, Jeff in the commments   Tiny Dreams Emeline


We had breakfast at the Club Quarters(it’s great) We went to the Guggenheim Museum (Frank Lloyd Wright is the architect) We went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Exhibits were : Arms & Armor, Old Instruments, Paintings, Egyptians, and much more. It stormed so hard the water was in my eyes. We went to the […]

It’s Raining it’s Pouring!

Ladies and Gent’s The weather is now WET! Please carry a umbrella! Today we were told it was going to rain, it did, it is, it will. This morning I wore my normal snow jacket, mom her water prof something, Eli wore a down jacket, NOT WATER PROF! so mom packed a small  pink umbrella […]