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It’s Raining it’s Pouring!

Ladies and Gent’s The weather is now WET! Please carry a umbrella!

Today we were told it was going to rain, it did, it is, it will. This morning I wore my normal snow jacket, mom her water prof something, Eli wore a down jacket, NOT WATER PROF! so mom packed a small ┬ápink umbrella incase of rain cause at 9:45 AM it was not raining so after noon, walk out from lunch starts to rain and wham! IT IS RAINING! because rain is coming fast and doesn’t look like it will stop soon so we buy an umbrella for mom’s purse at the MET then look around there was Egyptian stuff, American stuff, paintings, arms and armor, and musical instruments. And that’s only what we saw, we just dented the museum! My favorite thing at the museum was seeing someone make a copy of one of the paintings(pictures will be up soon)


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