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2:15 AM

It is 2:15 AM and I have been awake for around 45 minutes I just can’t seem to sleep, I tried laying still\ just laying eyes closed, my retainer hurt so I took it out, I’m hungry but don’t want to scary mom and dad by going upstairs and I don’t know if we have any thing to if I did go upstairs. Finally I grabbed ┬áthe laptop, checked and replied emails and posts. Unfortunately my room is the only room that doesn’t look outside, it only looks at the other windows and walls in the apartment, so when I tried looking out the window, something I did at out hotel in NY and back at home all I saw was wall and window. something strange I found was one of the light of a room was on and the blinds where not pulled. 2:25 now I still don’t know what to do other than write. hope 2 post again soon!

tiny Dreams


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