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I love my dad but every time I hang out with him he just reads on his iPhone ! I had to do something, so I tested. I tested ignoring him, he ignored me. I tried asking him questions, he didn’t hear me. I talked to him and demanded his full attention, he didn’t give it. Them I found one that worked! I just bring my iPod and if it wasn’t busy take it out before he took out his iPhone and some sort of alert went out.

“I thought we were walking together!” He would say
I knew I had won! That walk his iPhone stayed in his pocket, my iPod in mine. Sometimes it was not to be, his iPhone was out as soon as we ordered in the busy NY cafe, I pulled mine out and got busy but his attention was not to be had. But during that time I often get unfinished work done, or read. 🙂
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  1. Emeline says:

    I did this in NY while at a cafe with my dad while he read about Starcraft 2
    so it’s not like I was just making up what i said

  2. Terri Sparks says:

    Hahaha! Glad you figured this out. When you get older and want to be left alone, you can just wait until he gets his phone out, and voila, no pestering parent. When you want his attention, whip yours out first, and voila, Emeline/Dad time.

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