Me and The Others

all of us


I know the title is weird so i will write about it.

I will pretend I am a scientist, I am making a new word, enufgi.

What IS enufgi? it is a new species found in the hidden mountains.

The enufgi is a type if dragon that flies, swims and walks. It has a long neck, is impossible to drown because it had gills. but it can breath out of water fine. It has four visible long thick legs and two more can come out if it must be fast but the showing four can go inside of it when it flies. It has two giant wing two small ones on the wings and four small ones on the neck. on it’s head it has giant fangs coming out of it’s mouth that can release poison and horns like the ones triceratops had surrounding the crown of its head. They find there mate and seal the life-long bond between each other by fitting there horns between each others. They have two tails that start as one then split like a tree. one of the ends is a circle with spikes. the other tail end has a arrow shape ^  


Beware of these creatures they ARE from MY imagination


Tiny Dreams

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  1. Fabienne Fensie says:

    You should draw a picture!

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