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My Favorite part of 27

My favorite part of today was this morning. Or maybe I enjoy this more, it’s close. Right now everyone’s on their electrics Eli’s laptop is playing music while she plays with our electric yahtzee die. Mom’s on her new laptop. Dad’s on his laptop while it charges his iPhone. And I am on MY LAPTOP!

This morning dad and myself went for a walk, since neither of us knew the streets of London terrifically yet we wandered. We wandered in the direction of The Tower Of London we made it. we saw it and took pictures of it, which I will post. we saw London Gate, I took pictures. Then we started walking around the castle, during which I took the best picture of my life, and I accidentally put my finger in it so I had to edit it out, I’ll post it and you’ll know it because it’s title! On our way around the castle we shared a deliciously thick hot chocolate. We finished around the castle, and wandered back home, go to the grocery store on the way.


Which One Would You Prefer To Be Doing: All Together On Electronics, or Walking By A Castle?


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  1. Dad/Ron/Grandpa says:

    I prefer “All Together On Electronics” while we’re “Walking By A Castle” 🙂

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