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London’s Manly Fashion

This one’s about the men!

Most of the places I’ve been I’ve seen men wear, what? T-shirts, and jeans, only if it’s a fancy meeting they’ll wear a black suit some times a tux If you walk by a bar in Santa Cruz you see a couple of men it wearing working clothes, jeans button up shirt. Women were the fashionistas. Here in the work district 9 1/2 the men you’ll walk by ¬†will be in a suit, AND they are the fashion, some have a blue tie, or pink one, or green, or purple, or 3 1/2 hours later, some have velvet lined jackets, ect. ect. ect. One day we were walking to work and we must have walked by 5 mens clothing stores on the way, no wonder dad thinks he needs a new suit!

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  1. Mom/Grandma/Pat says:

    I loved your observation on men’s fashion. Your dad had told me he would need to upgrade his wardrobe for his new job. From your description, it sounds like he was right. Help him pick out some really hot clothes. He is such a fine looking man he is going to make quite the fashion statement strolling down the avenue!

  2. Fabienne Fensie says:

    Velvet lined jacket, must be beautiful.
    What about the shoes?
    Please post some pictures too;)

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