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Rosetta Stone, Magna Carta, Elizabeth’s signature.

I am completely overwhelmed with the enormity of getting to see…

The Rosetta Stone in person. The tool that allowed western man to understand egyptian hieroglyphics at the The British Museum.  It is big but not massive  compared to some of the  statues, and the writing is so tiny.  How did they do that on a rock so small?

The Magna Carta at the British Library (which is like the US Library of Congress). The document that was first signed in 12?? AD, it has 63 clauses of which 3 are still in effect. It established the idea that the King was not above the law and that people were entitled to a trial by and be judged by our peers. These are such fundamental ideas that are still in use today and a basis for the US Constitution and a foundation for our laws.

Queen Elizabeth I‘s signature. Have you ever seen it. It has a lot of flourish to it. I often wondered if it was real. Today I saw it on an actual document that was giving orders for the treatment of Queen Mary of Scots (Bloody Mary). Mary was Elizabeth’s cousin and Catholic. Mary was held in England under house arrest after she fled Scotland as she was a serious threat to Elizabeth and her power. It was right there in front of me, in very low light, but there none the less.  An ink and quill on paper signature from Elizabeth I.

I find it all very exciting.  Does this mean I am getting old?  You know all those retired guys get all excited over watching the history channel.  Naaaaa, I am just a see it in person or do it in person kind of gal.

My internal clock is still a bit messed up.  I need to get some sleep we are going to the Borough Market again in the morning.  I am hoping to spend some time at the Ledeanhall Market also, as it is in Harry Potter.  A market that has been running in the same place since the 17th century.

Oh by the way, we also went to Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross station today, for all you Harry Potter fans.


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  1. Coll. I used to live right across the river from Runnymede where magna carta was signed. Always gave me a thrill.

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