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Italy – Agriturismo Montalbino

At Gatwick Airport - going to Pisa, Italy

We are staying at the most awesome place. Our friends found it. It is agriturisimo at its best. Donkeys, chickens, pigs, goats, geese, turkeys and cows.

Pig families settling down for the night.  Mom & Dad lay snout to snout and piglets pile in the middle.


A very cold but beautiful pool and lovely restaurant. Our apartment is a refurbished old barn and it is very nice. Old brick floors on the ground floor and nice hard wood stairs and upstairs.


Il Fienile at Agriturismo Montabino

1st Sunset over the Tuscan valley

Jeff readying, ” You are Not so Smart” under an olive tree. The weather is perfect!

Heading to Pisa tomorrow and Florence on Tuesday. Hoping to do some wine tasting (well actually done a bit of wine tasting at dinner 🙂 ), but also want to see Lucca for their gelato and San Gimignano (sp) for the old buildings and hopefully Siena. I don’t want to run around too much, but this area (tuscany / chianti region) is so beautiful and interesting.

However….. we have bidets and we don’t know how to use them properly. Will need to do a bit of research but am afraid of you tube videos with demos on how. 🙂 he he he

any way- love and miss you all.
Buena Notte (?),


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  1. Fabienne Fensie says:

    Working in Europe is just glorious, so many days off…
    Just asked Julio to take the day off tomorrow, apparently not so easy in California ;(
    Now for the bidet, it is quite simple: Just sit on top of it and clean what needs to be cleaned.
    Of course you can also use it to wash your feet…!
    Enjoy your trip , we are all envious.

  2. Mom/Leanne says:

    Fabienne, thanks for the comment. The days off takes a little planning but it has been pretty awesome so far. with Jeff getting a week off in December and another week off in March! We do still have to plan ahead a bit.
    Do you dry with a towel or toilet paper? It seems l like a towel is best as the TP leaves little paper bits everywhere and it takes a lot of paper. And…the bidet doesn’t flush so you either have to put the paper in the toilet or in the trash can, on the other side of the WC (Water Closet). .Does each person get their own towel? Also you can’t really “sit” as there isn’t a “seat” more of just a bowl. I guess I need to practice my yoga squats some more. 🙂 Living and Learning. So far you are the only bold one to try to help us figure this new piece of equipment out. 🙂

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