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Dog Poop

Don’t you just love the steamy pile? Giggle, gross, giggle, gross. 🙂

Dog Poop – for the first time in 14 years I don’t have a dog, so you may wonder why I would write a blog post about Dog Poop.

I do not understand why people do no pick up after their dogs. Now I will admit to having missed a poop or two in the years a dog shared my life. My kids will tell you I missed a lot more than that, as they had to pick up the back yard. However, on a rare occasion while with the 4 kids and 1 dog at the parks the dog, Cali, ran ahead and did her business and before I could get there to pick it up, she’d run off sniffing new territory, I may have missed one. I felt guilty. I would regularly pick up an extra poop for good dog poop karma. Hummmm, this brings to mind that Eliana is an absolute dog poop magnet. If there is a dog poop within 3 blocks of where we are, she’ll find it quite by accident. I wonder if she needs to pick up a few poops here in London to improve her anti dog poop karma? Perhaps she is just a kid too distracted with running, jumping and goofing around with her sister to watch for the messes beneath her feet.

Anyway, I digress. I was going to tell you about how I was so disgusted with Paris when I was there some 20 years ago. There were so many dog messes on the sidewalk that people would literally hose down the sidewalks every morning. Having come for drought riddled California, that was obscene water abuse. I feel another tangent, but I will refrain.

When we went to Paris in December 2011, I had hoped to find the dog poop problem resolved. It was not. We could not  stroll the streets looking at the beautiful historical buildings because I had to watch where Eliana and I were walking. I had thought this was primarily a Parisian problem.

However, now we live in London. With much sadness, I must say that either an awful lot of people have dogs or there are a few very negligent dog owners. In fact, I think it is both. Apparently I am not the only person in London who finds this disagreeable. Here are a few pictures to show you some of the efforts that various Councils (like a city within a county) have put in place.

London’s incessant rain has one redeeming factor. It washes the sidewalks of the dog poop, so I guess I will have to be thankful that it rained yet again today.

I haven’t gotten a pictures of my favorite sign yet, which I will try to add.

It says, “The Poop fairy doesn’t visit here, please pick up after your dog.”


I hope this gave you a bit of a giggle.


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  1. Fabienne Fensie says:

    That’s what makes Europe so authentic…
    In a year or two, you guys will know how to not step on it and will enjoy California even more when you will come back;)))))
    By the way, I love the sandals.
    Thank you for posting all these great pictures.
    PS: why not try a “make your personal umbrella” class? If it doesn’t exist, maybe you could start one?

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