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Making Sandals

We’ve done and seen so much.  We’ll see if I can get a few short blogs up.


We had a terrific time making sandals, now if the weather will cooperate so we can wear them regularly.

It was fun to see the totally different styles that each person designed and made.  Yes, we got to make our own design for the sandals also. We got to pick the colors and fabrics.  I am sure we probably killed a few brain cells with the super stinky glue, but it was worth it.

Eliana made a two strap sandal with a cross and a wrapped ankle in tan and red leather.  Eliana wore hers quite a bit.

Emeline’s was a black strapy number with a silver buckle at the ankle.  Emeline’s are very fun.

Mine have the gladiator look. I have worn them a couple of times and I’d like to wear them more if it would stop raining!

Several years ago I found my favorite sandals.  They always fit, socks or no socks, puffy hot feet or cold.  They would pack absolutely flat in my bag so they were easy to take when I’d travel.  One very sad day, they broke.  I have passively looked for a pair like them every year as sandal season begins.  No luck.  So I’ve now made some.  There is room for improvement, but I love them.

I true Leanne style, I have now bought some more materials to make the bottoms, a book on boot & shoe making, some wool to experiment with, but apparently it is going to be a little difficult to buy the stinky glue.  Some how it is restricted because of the glue sniffers.  You know what else we can’t get, isopropyl alcohol (aka rubbing alcohol).

Happy Summer




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  1. Carolyn Campbell says:

    You amaze me with all your good ideas! xxoo

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