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Spring in Clapham Common

Equinox is tomorrow and Spring has sprung here at the Clapham Common.  A few days ago the girls and I went for a walk to the common for exercise and we had a small photo shoot. It was fun.   The formatting is making me crazy. Blah Blah Blah blah Blah Blah       […]

California is following us….

There is a poster in most of the tube stations, and has been for at least a couple of months. It is Jack O’Neill at Pleasure Point.  Click the picture to see a larger image. For those of you who are not familiar with Santa Cruz and surf culture.  Jack O’Neill is the inventor of […]

14 Years in the Making…

On Friday, 2 March 2012 I went to the Royal School of Needlwork (RSN) at Hampton Court Palace with Emeline and Eliana. We were enrolled in the Introduction to Embroidery Class. It was a dream come true. 14 years ago I came to England for three months while working for Borland as a marketing manager […]

Raclette at Borough Market

One of my favorite meals from my first trip to Europe with my Dad while I was in my 20’s was raclette.  I think I had it in Switzerland, but I can’t remember for sure, Dad do you remember where we had raclette?  It is very simple.  Boiled potatoes with melted cheese.  The special raclette […]

Food in our Life

To regain some control over my emotions and energy levels, I went off refined sugar for about 1.5 years. Unfortunately, I have completely fallen off the no sugar wagon. High tea with cream, sugar and scones and clotted cream have been my undoing. Combine that with a wonderful French bakery just around the corner and […]

Our Stuff Here on Friday

I have been in London since November 25th, 2011. This Friday, February 10th, 2012, our things from the US should arrive. I have a mix of excitement, relief and panic. It is amazing how little I’ve really needed since we’ve been here. Somethings that I have had to buy and have used repeatedly are: scissors, […]

The Illusive Sherlock Holmes

I had hoped to eat chinese food and watch Sherlock Holmes with Jeff and the girls on Christmas Day. I had heard from more than one set of Jewish friends in the states that this is the formula for Christmas Day. I thought it sounded like a good idea. However nearly everything was closed on […]

Oh, what a dinner! Cras, France

When you travel to France you look forward to the food.  So last night did not disappoint.  We went out to dinner, reservations were at 8 pm. It was festive and fancy, but welcoming and not stuffy. The menu was all in french and unlike the crepe menus I could not figure it out with […]

Chartreuse – Cras, France

  Did you know the color Chartreuse comes from a liqueur made by monks in France? Me neither, but I do now.  I have often found describing colors difficult.  Jeff and I particularly have trouble with Khaki (is it tan, green, brown or grey).  Our ideas are very different.  Now I know why there are […]

Second day in Paris

We started a bit later today, Wednesday, 28 December 2011.  Cold chance of rain.  To prepare for tomorrow and make Jeff comfortable with our departure, we did a practice run, from the flat to Gare du Nord to Gare de Lyon.  We got our tickets and then with a sigh of relief headed out to […]