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New York, London, and now….Paris

It is our third major world city in just over a month.  For the  girls, it is all becoming a bit of a muddle as to what happened where.  Homeschooling is a bit of a misnomer in that it is more like walking schooling.  We walk a lot!!!  Today, our first day in Paris was […]

Lauridsen’s in London

  The Lauridsen’s have come and gone. Their much anticipated visit did not disappoint. Our girls have enjoyed playing with their girls at least once a month for about six years during our monthly wine club get together. We spent three fabulous days together. The girls were delighted to have friends to play with, as […]

A Subway Story

I have a bit of a delay on my blog posts about our adventures, but here is another story from New York. After several days walking everywhere and of Eliana asking if she can take the subway, I agreed as we were going from 45th Street to 86th Street, and 41 blocks is a lot […]

London & Harry Potter

We didn’t come to London to do Harry Potter stuff, but we are very fond of Harry Potter stories, so it has been thrilling to stumble upon and seek out various landmarks. First there is Kings Cross station with Platform 9 3/4.       Then there is Hogsmead, the town they visit to get […]

Skittles and Black Boots

We have been getting lots of use of our down jackets and snow coats. I have been delighted in our bright colors because I can see my kids in a crowd. We’ve been a lot of crowds. Emeline is less thrilled with standing out. She’d tried to wear her black jacket but it is just […]

Thinking of my boys

Yesterday Eliana was bouncing off the walls. I could feel her energy  bursting to be out of the house and at a park. I was reminiscent of when Anton was little and I’d have to make sure I got him outside to the park at least once a day. His energy was just too big […]

Rosetta Stone, Magna Carta, Elizabeth’s signature.

I am completely overwhelmed with the enormity of getting to see… The Rosetta Stone in person. The tool that allowed western man to understand egyptian hieroglyphics at the The British Museum.  It is big but not massive  compared to some of the  statues, and the writing is so tiny.  How did they do that on […]

1st Day in New York

We arrived last night without a hitch. Day One New York City, Manhattan, Mid Town, 45th Ave. between 5th & 6th. You’ve heard of 5th Avenue and 45th & 7th is Times square/Broadway/Theater district. We have a fabulous location and our rooms are quite nice with a small kitchenette. Today we girls had a bit […]