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Yesterday Eliana was bouncing off the walls. I could feel her energy  bursting to be out of the house and at a park. I was reminiscent of when Anton was little and I’d have to make sure I got him outside to the park at least once a day. His energy was just too big for being inside. His exuberance and joy at being outside moving his body put a smile on my face.

Today while the girls and I were at the British Library  (Andreas’ favorite place last year in DC was the Library of Congress) we got a chance to explore the exhibits in the lobby of where they do the book preservation. I found it fascinating and I thought about how much Andreas values keeping his books in pristine condition. You know that if you loaned a book to Andreas that it would be returned looking like it was new. I thought how wonderful it would be to find some thing like restoring old books as a passion.  Creative, clean, quiet, and in the end you have something special that has been made beautiful and useful again.

Preserving Books is a PDF publication they offer from the British Library. They also have a list of other documents on storing and restoring books and other types of media.  Other links that you might enjoy.



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