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1st Day in New York

We arrived last night without a hitch.

Day One New York City, Manhattan, Mid Town, 45th Ave. between 5th & 6th. You’ve heard of 5th Avenue and 45th & 7th is Times square/Broadway/Theater district.

We have a fabulous location and our rooms are quite nice with a small kitchenette.

Today we girls had a bit of a late start but once we got going we headed straight down 5th Avenue to the Empire State Building. We took the tour to the 86th floor observation deck and then took the bonus tour. FYI It was the tallest building in New York for 40 years, until the 1st of the twin towers was built. However since the fall of the twin towers, it has regained the title of tallest building.

E2 view from 86th floor Empire State Bldg

Emeline’s highlight: Looking at all the office buildings and thinking of Grandpa Tom, because of his interest in the financial world.

Eliana’s highlight: The 102nd floor of Empire State Building (ESB) when Emeline said “ahhhhh, I’m scared”

Leanne’s highlight: The beautiful Art Deco decor of the ESB as well as the Chrysler Building.

We also went to the New York Library. Amazing. Saw the 1st European book to have been printed with movable type “The Gutenberg Bible” From the NYC library website, ” Probably completed by Johann Gutenberg between March and November 1455 in Mainz, Germany, the Gutenberg Bible epitomizes what is arguably the greatest achievement of the second millen- nium: the development of printing from movable type in the West. The Library‚Äôs copy was the first to come to the United States.”

We tried to get 1/2 price tickets for a broadway show, but the line was long and girls feet were tired and I had to pee, so back to the room we went (with a brief stop at the SWATCH store).

E2 at Times Square

Not sure about tomorrow, but it is Saturday and Jeff with be with us. Likely a trip to the Apple Store is in store.


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