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I Feel Good….

Is it the family and friends that have visited? Is it that we are on our 2nd day of sunny warm weather?  Is it because I have a date with my husband to take a salsa dancing lesson tonight?  It is hard to say why I feel so good, but I sure does feel good to be feeling good.

June was an exciting month for us Fredrick’s here in England.  First our friends the Dusienburgs arrived from Santa Cruz on their way to Italy for their summer holiday.  The very next day our boys (Andreas and Anton) arrived for a visit from the States. Unfortunately we got to juggle their visits with a round of the stomach flu for every one but Jeff.


Emeline w/ Brothers at the Thames in front of the Tower on London.

Kathy & I (Leanne) in front of Kensington Palace

The Dusienburg family in front of the Wolseley after a fantastic High Tea.


Can anyone tell me how to do a thumbnail and adjust how it centers?  Anton has lost his head in two pictures. 🙂

Eliana & Anton at the Wallace Collection in real armor (HEAVY!!).

Emeline & Eliana’s favorite way to travel on the tube, with their iPods. Travel made even better with their brother, Andreas to cuddle and consult.

Then our Uncle Larry (sorry no picture.. I forgot or Jeff took it or something ) from Washtinton DC came to visit for the afternoon.  It was so wonderful to see him and have time to visit.  He was taking a fantastic Literary tour of London and southern England.

On the same day our friends Laura and Adam Wood came to stay for a few days.  We were the second leg of their trip that included Sweden before they return to Santa Cruz. Laura had us all rallied and read for adventure.  We went to the Labyrinth at Hampton Court, took a boat cruise (a 3 hour tour – sing Gilligan’s Island song here) from Hampton Court to Westminster, Walked the Thames, rented a car and drove in & out of London (Thank goodness the husbands weren’t there and the kids were playing on the electronics), Lunched in the Grounds of Windsor Castle, and visited Aveburg (stones like Stonehenge but not as big), stayed at a B&B, toured Stonehenge and visited the awesome Hawk Conservancy Trust.


Jeff, Emeline, Adam, Eliana, & Laura at Hampton Court Labryinth

Adam, Emeline & Eliana in a London phone booth.

Laura,Emeline, Adam, Eliana, and I (Leanne) in front of Windsor Castle.

The three Fredrick girls at Stonehenge.

Our last round of visitors, so far, were Laurie and Alex Radovan. They were on their way to Copenhagen (hummm, now I can’t remember for sure, and Italy.)  Emeline and Alex has been in Preschool together but hadn’t seen each other in many years.  They all got along so well.  Thank you to WPENS (Westside Parents Education Nursery School in Santa Cruz, CA, USA)


Laurie and Alex managed to score tickets to Wimbeldon for the mens semi finals.  They had an amazing day there. We had enjoyed an afternoon of walking Central London and a brief visit to the Jewel Tower, the day before Wimbeldon (BW). After Wimbeldon (AW) we took a Thames tour from the Tower of London to Greenwich. See the Olympic circles up on Tower Bridge.  We also got to put a foot on each side of the East & West Latitude marker in Greenwich (you’ve heard of Greenwhich Mean Time?)

Well, I am now running a bit late for Salsa, so I will post this and hope there aren’t too many errors.

Next day….Okay there were errors, hopefully all fixed now.






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  1. Fabienne Fensie says:

    Is it because he is in Europe that Jeff wants to look like a Californian hippy?!!!!!
    You girls look lovely;)

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