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Summer Plans

So it’s official. I’m going to see Les Miserables(finally!) at the Orpheum this summer đŸ˜€ I’ve always wanted to go. I’m really excited. Also I might be seeing Wicked(cause everyone else saw it without me the last time T.T) but I haven’t decided for sure yet. Other than that, life is as normal. -Anton

Why I’m Glad I Wasn’t Spoiled

Hey everyone, Anton here. Well I haven’t posted for a while buut things are going pretty well! Other than the fact that I’m sick. And have chores. Also there’s tons of homework. And I can’t really afford the food I want… Okay, lemme start over. I had a moment a few days ago where I […]

First Christmas, First New Year

Hey all, it’s Anton here. It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted or indeed had any sort of communication with…well, just about anyone. So let me assure you all I’m doing quite well, about as well as could be expected, and let me briefly summarize my last few weeks of Christmas break. SO a […]

New Life

So exciting! The idea of going to New York, and then to London, to live…there’s so much I could do. New beginnings. No one knows you, no one remembers that embarrassing  thing you did years ago(except your loving family of course) and you’re free to be who you are. Not who you were. As tempting as […]