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So exciting! The idea of going to New York, and then to London, to live…there’s so much I could do. New beginnings. No one knows you, no one remembers that embarrassing  thing you did years ago(except your loving family of course) and you’re free to be who you are. Not who you were.

As tempting as that was…I’ve started my own new life here. A year ago I would’ve gone. 6 months ago I would’ve gone. But not now. Now I have the same comforting scenery as before but the way I’m living is so much different. Possibly even more different than if I’d gone to London with everyone. Life is weird that way. But I will admit, I’m extremely jealous of all the new experiences everyone will have in a new country.  I’ll come by and visit, of course, but I won’t be immersed in the new culture. Emeline, if you have an English accent by the new time I see you I will be very amused.

The best part about living on my own? No one wakes me up. And I can choose my own food!

The worst part? …No one wakes me up. And I have to make my own food.

It’s a bit of a mixed blessing. C’est la vie.

Wrong country? Oops. I’m told France is pretty close to England.
Just don’t tell anyone in either country I said that.


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  1. leanne says:

    I was so thrilled to start my day yesterday reading your post. I long to stay connected to you and the family that is in the USA. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    As much as I miss you I am delighted that you are making decision that are true to yourself. That is as it should be. Should your family forget that you are a different person than you were as a little boy, please be kind in reminding us. I love the little boy as well as the young man and sometimes we forget.

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