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First Christmas, First New Year

Hey all, it’s Anton here. It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted or indeed had any sort of communication with…well, just about anyone. So let me assure you all I’m doing quite well, about as well as could be expected, and let me briefly summarize my last few weeks of Christmas break.

SO a while ago it was this thing called Christmas. Anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 days ago, depending on if you’re Orthodox or not. So anyway. In the past, my time on Christmas has been easy to divide up. I’ve simply spent the first half of the day at one house, the other half, at the other. And obviously sometimes we’d go to other houses of various family members, but that part I didn’t have to worry about. The pattern was as inexplicable and unchangeable as the tide, because I was a kid and I went with the family wherever we all happened to go. HOWEVER! As it turns out having both parents leave before Christmas is both liberating and challenging. I found myself with several offers of places to go for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and suddenly I needed to choose because it was less than a week away. Not wanting to offend or slight anyone, I really couldn’t choose. So I went to my brother’s house instead, because I was pretty used to spending it with him, at least. (My brother, AKA Andreas, is somewhat well known in these parts, so I won’t talk about him much.)(He makes really good pasta.)(And is pretty funny.)(But seriously, that’s all I’m gonna say about him.)

Right. Where was I? UHHHH yeah, Christmas day. Andreas made food, people came over, I played Starcraft, and all was merry. As if that wasn’t good enough, I also got invited to dinner at my girlfriend’s house, and it was pretty delicious, not gonna lie.

So that was my first Christmas on my own…ish. And technically speaking you could say it was my first “Christ”mas ever cause, you know, wasn’t a Christian last year. Weird.
Then New Year’s Eve rolled around, and I went and had a movie/Avatar The Last Airbender Marathon at Kaitlyn’s, stayed up until 2, opened a cracker for I think like the second time ever, and still I instinctively write 199.. and then have to change it whenever I’m trying to write down the year. But I suppose I’ll get better at that when I grow up.

Since then I’ve been on a path of doing…well, pretty much nothing. Gone to church a few times. Saw a wonderful Christmas concert. Took Kaitlyn ice skating(it was bad. Seriously. I can’t remember the last time I had that much fun.) Got to Diamond League on Starcraft. Went swing dancing at a birthday party, saw some friends, went to the fantabulous Lawrence house for some great food and company. And generally I’ve had a good time on my school break.

All that good nonsense is coming to a close in a couple weeks. However, here’s the important part. I’ve had my rest. I had a sadly┬ánecessary┬ádeparture from school last semester and like all things in this new, more independent life there were, are, and will be consequences. But I’m ready now. I think my head’s in the right place this time around, and I’m starting to figure out what my life is going to look like for the forseeable future. And the first big change in that is I’m trying to get a job. Exciting, right?

Time for my favorite quote, from the movie “Up”. You know, the one with the flying house? Yeah, you know the one.

“Adventure is out there.”


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  1. sMom/Leanne says:

    What an awesome post. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, activities and amazing Anton energy and humor. I love you, sniffle sniffle. Good luck on the job hunt and if you want me to review resume’s or anything like that please let me know.

  2. Fabienne Fensie says:

    Thanks for sharing what’s going on on this side of the Atlantic.
    Sounds like you have a plan and you are very right, adventure is out there, embrace it.

  3. Sandra Grammie Goulding says:

    Anton: I just found this today!!?? I think I have probably missed a lot. But now I can catch up. Glad to hear your holidays were good. Come by when you have a chance I have something for you.

  4. anton says:

    Oh! Okay I’ll call you today!

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