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iPad Mini

It is 11 and I am supposted to be sleeping but I cant because the new ipad has come out, iPad mini. It is 7.9 inches diagonal across. It has nearly everything from the “New iPad”  except instead of  a 6x power or something it has 5. When I go to CA in December I will be buying one…. Some one may be getting a old iPad for Christmas ! I am going to try and go to sleep. Have fun!

Subject?- 14 Oct 12

It is 8:15 and I need to post this before tomorrow or there will be reckoning. This post is a update on my life! First, mom, Eli and  I will meet up with dad in Budapest next Monday. Not much long after Eli will be going to school! After that I get to go to a camp called PGL with my friend Lucy.  In December, I get to do to the CA for 3 weeks!  We might even be there for cookie day! (A day where mom, Aunt Ronda, and Grammy all cook cookies while the kids –  Eli, TC, Jack and I – play! Like 6 months later  Aunt Ronda and family will be visiting! Okay I think that is all for now,

Love and Miss you all


JK Rowling

Dad has told me to look into my interest so, I didn’t know what to do so I looked up Harry Potter on Wiki and found JK and started to read. The first thing I went OMG OMG at was this

After working at Amnesty International in London, Rowling and her then-boyfriend decided to move to Manchester. In 1990, while she was on a four-hour-delayed train trip from Manchester to London, the idea for a story of a young boy attending a school of wizardry “came fully formed” into her mind. She told The Boston Globe that “I really don’t know where the idea came from. It started with Harry, then all these characters and situations came flooding into my head.” When she had reached her Clapham Junction flat, she began to write immediately.

Now the remarkable thing is the fact that it takes less than 30 minutes to walk from our house by Clapham South to Clapham Junction!

Will Update More Soon Need to finish reading Wiki!

Chapter 1

Now since I home school and enjoy writing I  have a assignment to post chapters of a story. This is chapter one of four from a story called: Playing with the Natural, a Tale of Mortimer

                                                                                                                     Chapter 1

                                                                                                       How this Story Begins 

Mort danced around the room! He discovered a way to alter plants, now he has plants that can, through the pollen kill masses of people. Mort was called  “the mad scientist”  and for good reason too, he didn’t think of the fact that his poison plant could be very very bad! And so he goes to a science fair and shows lots and lots of people his poison plant, Amazing, a BIG break through, brilliant, SO COOL! people said.  Mort finds his plant top have gathered lots of people then rather unexpectedly the flower sneezes and pollen goes everywhere! Mort’s jaw drops as masses of people start turning purple with orange then dropping down dead. Mort walks around the dead bodies until he reaches the door form there he runs non-stop to the mayor. The mayor is standing on his podium trying to calm the people. Then a widow spots Mort and he finds himself the center of a angry mobs gaze.

Sling Shot

Well, I made a sling shot with my Mom. Dad made me write about it. Here is how we made the sling shot. First mom got a big fork shaped stick. I went and got out a bed sheet and spread it out on the floor in the living room.  I went and got my Swiss army knife.  I sat on the sheet with my knife and stick and peeled the bark off the forks.  The stick was way over sized so I cut it down to the right size. After that  I shaved more of the stick. Mom got me some rubber bands and a patch of denim from an old pair of Emeline’s jeans. I tried a lot of different techniques, trying to make it shoot then I gave the sling shot to Mom. Within a few tries Mom did it. We used wadded up newspaper from the London Evening Standard to make ammunition.

The slingshot originated in Russia and is decended from the sling. Here is a link if you want to read more about it.

There are many different brands of historical and modern slingshots.  Some are foldable, a lot have a wrist support. Some have a “Y” shape, some have a “U” shape. Some are very complicated. Some are made of wood while others are made of metal.  The pockets are made from leather but I’ve seen some homemade ones made of duct tape.

I haven’t seen a lot but I read about how the military uses massive slingshots to launch aircrafts. I also have seen slingshots in TV advertisements.

Slingsshots have been used in torment hunting of bears.  This is very sad. They have been used for self defense, but I am going to use my sling shot for attacking my sister with paper balls.




I Walk Down a Special Lane Called Memory

(all similarities to people both living or dead are merely coincidence  )

I walk down the small muddy lane that leads to the house, by “the” house I mean the house that my family lived in before we moved else where many years now past. The light is on and I can hear children happily playing upstairs. I see a little girl, no older than 3 head poke out one of the top windows and yell, “Mommy there is a girl out side looking at the house!” She yells waving I run into the bushes when the little girl turns around. I watch as her mother sticks her own head out the window and says, “It’s okay Sarah there is no one there, just your imagination.” I see her pat the little girls head and I hear the mother head back down stairs, probably to make dinner. I wish my mom could  do that for me now.


I sit high in a tree, in a orchard. I watch from far away as a mother begins to make dinner in the house while the father pick the apples. A old man chases around 2 kids, one 8 year old boy and a  girl who just turned 5, I watch as the little girl falls and begins to cry. I watch the old man lift her up in tree and look at her knee, 5 hear her say,” I’m okay, I’m a big girl now remember!”  She turns around, she sees me and waves and  I wave back, but when she turns around I flee. I wish Grandpa would lift me up, put me in a tree and ask if I am hurt when I fall.


I sit out side a old school, it must have been there for a billion years! I watch as a little girl just going into 1st grade jumps out the car door and run up the steps but is caught in her mothers loving arms, she tries to escape the embarrassing kiss on the forehead, she runs up to class her forehead still pink from rubbing off the lipstick stain. See turns around, and seeing me smiles and waves. I watch her rush through the double doors and disappear among all the children. I wait for what feels like FOREVER, when I see her face again it is different, more mature, older. She is surrounded by her friends and her light brown hair is nearly invisible. They hug and cry before jumping in their different rides, she look at where I am standing but looks right through me. Whatever happened to the child who saw the invisible, was it just gone one day or did it far away so slowly that I  never even noticed.



Legacy of a Jerk…

II was walking around in my room tossing up my tennis ball and catching it while listening to a Freakanomics podcast called Legacy of a Jerk when a heard something that changed my prospective of my  dad. To those of you closly related to him you might, no you know for sure that Jeffrey Todd Fredrick is a very smart man, and he enjoys showing his kids that by giving then lectures, his most resent favorite to give to me was, “FInd your intrest that is why we home school…”  I had no idea why that was until…  I was listening to the show and I hear steve Jobs saying, ” I was lucky enough to find my pashion at age 10…” My first thought…  ” How did you find your pashion at 10!” Then I thought ” Oh darn.. I am nearly 12 don’t have a pashion for much of anything.” Next came, ” Oh My God dad wants me to be the next  “Steve Jobs”  Crud…” Then, ” My dad whats me to be the next Steve Jobs! Cool… Oh no my DAD WANTS ME TO BE THE NEXT STEVE JOBS! ” Once I calmed down I thought… ” No my dad JUST wants me to have a pashion.” My calm self was losing, ” Oh God I  do not want to have my dad to have such high expectations!” Now you may be wondering why I don’t just ask him, the answer   is simple he WILL deny it. Also please do watch the Legacy of a Jerk by clicking here or on any of the blue words in this post, it will come up in a different tab.




Bye  aand I hope you enjoyed reading  my thoughts as I tried to connect to dots

Photos of Cali

Remember my post yesterday about feeling good? Hummm, not so good today.

Cali 1998 – 2012

Saying Good Bye

In 1998 on a hot early summer evening a puppy was thrown from a car door into the front yard of my parents old house in Clements, CA.  The house windows were open to try to capture the evening breeze. My father  heard the passing car, the door slam, and the sound of a small animal. He went out to discover a pathetic, stinky, mangey puppy. My mother worried that the puppy was doomed if she took her to an animal shelter in such poor condition. She washed the puppy, took her to the Vet and got vitamins, special shampoo and anything else needed to bring her back to good health.

Caliente (hot in spanish) = Cali

I was living in Santa Cruz and working full time at Inprise (aka Borland).  My boyfriend, Jeff had gotten custody of his boys back in December 1997. I’d returned from living for 3 months in England in February 1998.  Jeff, his brother Ryan, Ryan’s girlfriend Donna, and another friend and I were going river rafting so we came up to camp out in my parents enormous backyard on the way. That is when we first met Cali.  She was cute, but still a stinky mess. My Mom said she was much better than she had been. That night we camped in the backyard and Cali kept trying to crawl into our sleeping bags.  As the story goes, Donna was the lucky winner to get the mangy puppy to sleep with.  🙂

Jeff and I had navigated some turbulent times and it looked like we were going to stay together. I had wanted a pet for a long time, but my work and travel schedule just didn’t permit it. Here is thepart where I am sure Jeff will remember the order of events better than I, but it went something like….

Jeff and the boys moved in to my house in Santa Cruz, with me. My parents were going on a long trip (China maybe?) I told them I would like to have Cali, she was a great dog. My parents wanted to travel so they didn’t want a dog at that time in their lives.  So I said I would take care of Cali while they were gone as a kind of trial run, to see if I could handle having my own dog. A live-in boyfriend, two little boys (4 & 6 yrs old) and a dog was a lot to take care of. Apparently my Mom  mentioned to Jeff that I was planning on keeping the dog.  I hadn’t mentioned that part yet, since I didn’t want a big discussion unless I thought I could even handle taking care of the dog.  There was a bit more turbulence in our house.




As you can tell, we kept the dog. She was great!  She helped teach the boys to pick up their toys by chewing up and eating anything they left out on the floor. She cleaned the kitchen floor and any other place crumbs would fall. She would cuddle and play with whom ever wanted to give her attention, but was content to just be in the same room with someone.

Cali liked Easter, Christmas, the mountains, and messy eaters.


Cali didn’t like 4th of July, Halloween, the beach, vacuums and the PG&E man.


Cali was an awesome camping dog.  She was small enough to fit in the tent and worked extra hard on our annual hike around Pinecrest Lake as she would run from the front of the group to the back of the group to make sure everyone was staying together.  As I reflect on this it started with Grandpa and Jeff in front with Grandma and the kids behind. Then as the years progressed, Anton and Jeff took the lead. As of last year the order had reversed, but Cali still ran from front to back, again and again, all around the lake. She’d run by each of us and sniff making sure we were all there.  After camping, she’d sleep for a couple of days. If we were in CA, we’d likely be heading to Pinecrest this week.


At some point we needed a birthday for Cali as I was having trouble remembering how old she was. We decided on St. Patricks Day. She was a  14 1/2.


Cali slept at the foot of our bed. In the morning, Jeff would pull her up close and snuggle her saying, “Fuzzy Doggy”.  Andreas liked to rub her floppy ears. Anton liked it when she’d sit on him in the car and lean into him with her full weight then lift her head up next to his. Eliana recalls when she was mad and made a fort to keep out Mom, Dad and Emeline, but she let Cali in. Cali went to sleep in her fort. Eliana curled up next to Cali and went to sleep also.  Sometime if Emeline had a hard time sleeping, Cali would jump up onto her bed and she could curl around her and go to sleep.  You are perhaps catching a theme here.  Cali was my Nap Dog. When I was pregnant and exhausted, I would lay down to rest and she’d just up on the sofa next to me.  Her warmth was always welcome.


Cali and I would walk Andreas & Anton to and from school everyday when they were little. One day I guess Cali got tired of waiting and the gate was left open on accident, so she took it upon herself to go find the boys. Since we came to school so often another little boy found her wandering around near the boys bathroom and went to back to class to tell Anton his dog was at school. The school called home and I went to get her. It made me think of the Lassie story.

There are many wonderful stories of Cali.  Her fondness for helping the gophers with their tunnels, her muddy feet made me crazy, getting sprayed by a skunk the night before we were hosting Easter at our house, and helping someone who wasn’t feeling well.

In November when we moved to England, Cali went back to live with my Mom and Dad.  They would give us regular updates about how she was getting them out and walking more, making new friends at the park with other “dog” people, and happily going on errands in the car. I can’t thank my parent enough for looking after her for these last 8 months. I know that she was loved and cared for until the very end of her days.

We will miss you Cali



This morning mom came into our room, she set Eliana down in my bed and she told us that as we knew one of Cali’s back legs were giving her trouble… well yesterday morning her other hind leg gave out. The vets had told us that if that happened there was nothing they could do to help. Cali couldn’t move so grandma had to carry her around. Grandma and grandpa took her to the vet and she had to be put down. If you have any picture of Cali please do email them to me. We haven’t seen her in 8 or so months and will never see her alive again. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for taking care of her and doing the right thing even thought it was hard.