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New Blog

emeline  and I made a new blog this is its link it is new so there are not very many posts but yha how to post about 1-2 a week thanks Eliana

Sling Shot

Well, I made a sling shot with my Mom. Dad made me write about it. Here is how we made the sling shot. First mom got a big fork shaped stick. I went and got out a bed sheet and spread it out on the floor in the living room.  I went and got my Swiss […]

London Textile Fair

We went to the London Textile Fair on Wednesday because my mom wanted to see what it was about. There were tons and tons of fabric!!! They had bright colors and dark colors, sparkly and dull, big and little, patterns and plain, after seeing a lot my eyes started to hurt.  They sell swatches of fabric so […]

Horrible History

Horrible history is a show that is GROSE and tells you about the worse side of history and it will make the history funny for some kids to watch you might find it on BBC, YouTube or PBS

Camping in the house Day 1

I have set up camp and right now I am in need of some supplies like more blankets and 1 more stuffed animal.                                                                 […]


The easter bunny came yesterday. he or she hid the eggs the last egg to be found was in the mail slot it was so fun!

April 3 2012

So I want to got to the London zoo with Emeline, we have been once before,but we want to go again and we are going to go tomorrow or the day after. We want to go to the adventure park in the back of the back of the zoo thats it for now BYE

Mouse in the house

ahh a mouse is in are flat. We think it came from the chimney i saw it the mouse is so CUTE we will try to catch toe mouse soon like now     ELIANA


My brother Anton was on the San Jose State hockey team, the team was named the Spartans here is a link to a horrible histories about spartans                                

Ted talks

I watched a ted talk called on creativity and play if you have any more questions post a comment