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France July 2014 Day 3

July 26 2014 

Paris, France

In my dream there was music and the world was simultaneously bright and clear, while also being shaded and foggy.

I sat up, the music was the alarm on my phone and I needed to turn it off before it woke anyone else up. 6:34 my phone said, I frowned, I did not want to be awake. Nothing on Earth could possibly be more blissful than being asleep right now I stood up anyway, I walked past the dirty floor, and grabbed my laptop. I read on my laptop much longer than I had planned, until 7:25, I only wanted to do it until I could be loud without waking anyone up. Oh well. We ate and left for the Museum de Orsay. It wasn’t even 9:45 before I finished I, Robot which I quite enjoyed. This meant however that I didn’t have a book to read. This was bad for me.

After two days of being in France and only 6.5 hours of sleep, I couldn’t handle any more of anything. We walked around for a while but I didn’t really process anything, and I likely won’t remember any of the work because guess what, no photos. We went up to the top floor where, in a room without paintings which were ‘endangered by my flash-less iphone, I took a lovely photo of the Jackson’s silhouettes against a clock. For those who don’t know the Museum was once a train station so on the top floor there are clocks facing outward, they are beautiful from inside and allow all to see the view of Paris. In this room there were are two sofa-like things which can hold around eight each. I sat in one, and fell asleep, I woke up caused my paranoia so it wasn’t too rest full. We had lunch and left the museum shortly after.

As you can guess, I wasn’t going to be doing much active sight seeing. Carolyn broke off from us while we were headed to the catacombs. When we arrived we found a line with over a hundred people in it! It went all the way around the block, it was huge. I thought we would head home, I was wrong.

I followed Jay as he led us through the tube. When we surfaced, we weren’t near our apartment. Instead we went to a restaurant, it was strange. There was no menu. You walked in, you were shown to a table by a waitress. You would be asked how you liked your meat cooked, for those of you who know I am vegetarian I did say I was totally cool with this, Jay and Olivia ordered medium and I asked for well done. She left after ordering our drinks (,Coca Cola for Olivia and I, and wine for Jay).

The waitress brings you a salad, which is delicious! After you finish you are served steak with a sauce, and fries/chips. Both items were heavenly, everyone agreed. Then, around when everyone was wishing they could have a little more, but hadn’t finished their food yet, the waitress topped us up! You get a second helping of the main course!!! Only Olivia finished all her food, and only barely at that. We didn’t even have dessert! That was the most delicious meal I have ever had in France, maybe even ever! Le Relais de l’Entrecote is the name, if you go to France and don’t mind meat, go here!

After an hour and half of down time all together at the apartment we headed out, unfortunately I had just started a new book: Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick. A strange book to say the least, but very good. The problem is that I had no interest in going out anyway, I was done sight seeing. That didn’t matter as their was more to do, so as a group we saw the Pantheon which had some construction going on, but was pretty all the same. From there we walked, and I read, down towards the river (and the bookstore!). When we reached the river Olivia and I, much to our delight, were abandoned at Shakespeare and Co. I found this difficult, I wanted to buy a book. Luckily I persivered and didn’t buy a single book. Olivia on the other hand bought War of the Worlds by H.G Wells and The Umbrella Man by Roald Dahl. I have become a green eyed monster when it comes to Olivia’s book buying.

We waited in the park across the street and read, at the same time there was a Macbeth play in action. The Jackson’s returned and we got crepes, or they got crepes but I wasn’t hungry. They ate, I read. Luckily there was just enough room in my stomach for an after dinner/lunch dessert. We got ice cream, or was it gelato? It was amazing! Then we went home, I finished Silver Lining Playbook and everyone went to sleep.


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