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I really like to read comics, in fact I like them so much that I read them every day. The only one that updates everyday (with the exception of weekends) is Dominic Deegan one of my very first comics I ever read. There are three basic comics I was recommend by my dad and eldest brother, I read them then read the updates since then. They are: Dominic Deegan, Gunnerkrigg Court, and Girl Genius. Then there’s a fourth I feel committed to this one as it is fairly new and is also really good. It call Take Off but to find it you would need to search Take Off Comic.

Dominic Deegan’s basis is about a grumpy seer and his cat who save the life of a girl named Luna who has a self esteem problem and is disowned by her evil mothers will. Then it turns into Dominic and Luna saving the world with Spark the cat, who can talk being comedy relief. Dominic and Luna make friends and you learn about there families if you want to know more then you should read it. If you do read it, be warned the comic is ending this week after 11 years or comics.

Gunnerkrigg Court is about a red head named Antimony or Annie for short, and her friend Kat. Kat is smart, Annie is adventurous and makes friends easily. Maybe you can see what happens when the two mix but I’ll tell you anyway. Kat is a robot genius and Annie makes friends with a shadow. None of this would have happened if Annie hadn’t transferred to a school call Gunnerkrigg Court. It is a adventurous, hilarious, magical, scientific comic about two girls and a little more.

Girl Genius is a steam punk comic about a unknown heir to to a city who’s old rulers disappeared is a flurry of stories. The main characters name is Agatha. Agatha appears to be a clumsy girl who has anger problems, but not in the way you would expect. That is until she gets robbed, things turn around the story turns into to very powerful gentlemen falling love for her while she reclaims her city. Girl Genius is 11 years old and still going strong.

Take off is a brand new comic that was started one year ago with two updates a week. The comic is about a world in the middle, about one average people, about flying dragons, and contests. I can’t tell you much more other wise you’d be up to date.

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