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The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger was a brilliant book by a amazing author. The mix of comedy and seriousness was spot on the ending was divine. In school you are taught that endings should leave you thinking. This one did. Careful there are Spoilers.  In the beginning of you book you meet Andrea a young, badly dressed girl just out of collage who is on her way to a interview for Runway fashion magazine job as the editor’s assistant. She gets the job, she is thrilled because after working only one years with Miranda Priestly you can go anywhere. Andrea wants to write for the New York Times. At first she can’t understand so many things like when ever some accidentally let’s something bad about Miranda they immediately take it back and try to make amends for it as if the boss her self was there. Also Emily, the senior assistant says that they can’t even leave the office unless they consult with each other first, not even to use the bathroom! Ever so quickly Andrea changes along with her social life, like she has none. She grows distant from her 4 year boyfriend and 12 year best friend. She starts wearing Prada and Jimmy Choo, Gucci, and Amoir. She fears the phone calls, jumping every time it rings, fearing it his her devil spawn boss Miranda. The only thing keeping her hanging on is the fact that at the end of her 12 months of service she can get a job where ever she wants. She has been working with  Miranda for 11 months, she has utterly changed she wears fashionista clothing, she has lost 10 pounds, she and her boyfriend broke up, she doesn’t realize that her best friends is a alcoholic. Emily and Miranda are leaving the next day for Paris and Andrea is ecstatic for some peace. Then Emily calls, she is SUPER sick so Andrea has to go with Miranda to Paris instead! It quickly goes south. Just  the day after they arrive in Paris Miranda gets a call saying that she is getting a award later that very day. Miranda then threatens to fire Andrea unless she can write a speech for the occasion. Then when they get there Miranda announces that she is unprepared and refuses to go on stage. Then leaves with the speech. Andrea then goes on stage and makes a fool of her self. That night Andrea finds out that her Lily (12 year best friend) was in a car accident and was is the hospital. Andrea has to make a decision, go home and be fired, or stay and disappoint Lily, her parents, and her ex.   The next day Andrea is told that she is going to the a party with Miranda. On the way Miranda among other things tells Andrea that she sees herself in Andrea. At the party Andrea has a great time, but something bugs her. She doesn’t want to be like Miranda. On the way out Andrea decides that she whats to see her friends, her ex-boyfriend whom she still loves, and her parents, so when Miranda tells Andrea to do something Andrea says no. Then Andrea swears at Miranda then leaves in a Taxi. At he end of the story Andrea is a smart, polite, slightly better dressed, slightly older young woman. I loved Devil wears Prada and would highly recommend it to any one over 13, I would rate it PG13 as there is swearing and smoking among other things. All in all I would give  this book a thumbs up.

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