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Beta Review

On Saturday I read Beta by Rachel Cohn. I was not impressed. Months earlier I had read the sample on ibooks, it looked promising so when christmas time came and I found I had a gift card to the local book store I got it and only now read it. I will warn you there Spoilers so if you plan on reading it beware. The main reason I didn’t like the was because at the end it all turned out to be 336 page introduction. It had no plot line or goal, a better name would have been “Diary of a Beta Clone” .  The story told of her daily life for at least 200 pages before the really story began. The book should have been 100 pages. The teen beta Elysia is the main character. She is bought by the Governors’ wife to be a daughter, sister and personal trainer of her son. The book is definitely PG-13 as it contains extreme romance, drugs, and blood (only a little blood though). The story was amazing and I liked the idea as is was original. Beta is the first in the series and I do not plan on reading the next. There were a few thing that did intrigue me: one, some other defect clones had started a revolt. Two, it was clearly stated though the book that the people cloned must die but at the end of the book you find out that the person Elysia was cloned from wasn’t dead. In no way what so ever am I saying that Rachel Cohn is a bad writer, she skillfully avoided mentioning the year which I know is a very hard feat. All in all I decided to give the book a thumbs down.

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