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Recently  (January) I started reading the Mortal Instruments series, now I can’t get the next one till I do my book report so I will right here. WARNING SPOILERS!

City of Bones:

City Bones is the first of a five book series, the main characters are Simon, Clary, Jace, Isabelle, and Alec. At the start of the book Clary sees people follow a boy into a off limits room where they kill him, and his body disappears. This start a long chain of events that last five novels. The teenagers tell Clary they are shadowhunters. The next day Clary is with her best friend Simon when she sees the handsome teenager Jace she slides out side when her phone rings it’s her mom telling her not to come home. In the background Clary hears the door being broken in. So Clary runs home. When she gets home she meets her first demon. She kills it and passes out. When she wakes up she is in the Institute. In the follow weeks she find out that a evil man named Valentine has taken her mother, he also happens to be her father. Simon becomes a rat, tells Clary of his love for her.  Clary figures out that her mom’s good friend Luke is a werewolf and is the leader of the nearby pack. Clary figures out that Alex is gay and has a crush on his adopted brother Jace, but starts going out with the Warlock Magnus Bane. Jace’s father died when he was young. Clary and Jace are in love. Valentine also has the Mortal cup a divine object given to shadowhunters by a angel, it is used to make more shadowhunters. Then at the end of the book Clary meet Valentine face to face. Valentine is also Jace’s father. Then Valentine disappears to the country of Shadowhunters. In the last chapter Clary’s mother has been taken to a hospital but she’s in coma and isn’t waking up.

City of Ashes:

City of Ashes is the second book in the Mortal Instruments series. Valentine is back and this time he has a greater demon on his side. During the book Simon becomes a vampire. Clary discovers she can make new runes (tattoos shadowhunters put on them selves as it will enhance something: speed, balance, sight, ect) The inspector, a person of high rank with a grudge against Valentine,  and Jace for being Valentine’s son.  Valentine steals the sword by killing a entire city. Then he starts killing children that are half demon half human in order to make the sword evil. At the end of the book Clary is kidnapped by Valentine. The inspector jumps in front of a sword to save a Jace’s life. Jace then kills the greater demon, lets Simon who is dying drink his blood so Simon can live. Then Jace distracted Valentine long enough for Clary to draw a rune that destroyed the ship on witch they were all on. Finally the other shadowhunters pull though and save them from drowning just as the sun rises. Unfortunately vampires turn to dust when the sun touches them. But somehow Simon survives.

City of Glass:

City of Glass is the third book in the series. Clary has just gotten word of how to get her mom out of coma but to do that she must go to Idris. Jace doesn’t want Clary to go so when a attack happens and Jace, Isabelle, and Alec have to go without her he is joyous. But Clary is determined to go to Idris so she makes a portal and goes with Luke. After a near death experience Clary meet the family friend of Alec and Isabelle his name is Sebastian. He seems to be in love with Clary but she can tell something is off with him. Jace and Clary also find out that Valentine made his son a monster, a part demon and his daughter part angel. Jace feels broken so he leaves to kill Valentine. Not long after Clary’s mom comes to Idris. Clary figures out that Jace isn’t Valentine’s son he was just raised by him. While Sebastian who is the actual son of Valentine gets away. Valentine plans to either send hundreds of thousands of demons to kill all shadowhunters, or they must bow to him. The leaders of Idris are about to admit defeat when Clary remembers a way for shadowhunters and downworlders (, Fairies, Warlocks, Werewolves, and Vampires) can work together. She must also give Simon the Mark  of Cain so the other vampires won’t kill him. After the fighting starts she portals to the lake which is also the Mortal Mirror. She gets there just after Valentine finishes the circle. He plans on summoning a angel and commanding the angel to kill all the shadowhunters. Clary is tied up so she can barely move. Jace comes back after killing Sebastian. He plans on killing Valentine but instead Valentine kills him and summons the angel anyway. Valentine asks the angel to do his bidding but the angel sees the evil in Valentine and kills him. The angel offers Clary one thing. She asks for Jace, and gets it. After Valentine’s death all the demons left and battle ends.

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