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Visiting California part 1

For 3 weeks I visited California. In this post I am going to cover week 1. Friday the 14 week arrived. I don’t remember it at all so I’m betting I was exhausted. The weekend little did I know was to be the longest time of rest during the whole trip. Once and only once did we visit someone. We went to my Grandpa Pat’s house (Sorry Grandma) we saw our Aunt Bev who was visiting from Florida and we met my grandpa’s boyfriend. I believe we also saw “The San Jose Fredrick”. That includes Aunt Donna, Uncle Ryan, Cousin Christopher, and Cousin Zachary. We also saw my 90 something great grandma.

Monday was a huge day… My iPad Mini arrived, and I also went and saw one of my best friends. Heh We went to Santa Cruz and had a sleepover with the Hildingers including Lee, my friend, Trish, his mom, Eric, his dad. We jumped on the trampoline then I went and “watched” Lee’s polo. I put the ” ” s because he on the opposite side of the pool so I couldn’t actually see him. Eli had a sleepover with a friend.

Tuesday: Woke up very early like 6′ or so. Walked with Lee to school hoping to spend some him but also to surprise my other best friend Olivia, unfortunately she was at 0 Period choir so I didn’t get to see her. The majority of the day was spent jumping on the trampoline with Eli. Except since I couldn’t shadow Olivia at school Trish offered to let me go with her when she had yard duty, so I did and was able to see everyone who I hadn’t see in over a year! I had a great time there.  Since when Lee got home he had to do homework. After he did that evening’s homework we jumped onto the trampoline until we had dinner then went back out and literally jumped until we had to go inside. It was pitch black sort of dark and our toes were frozen. Then we went to bed – Jet lag may or may not have had something to do with our exhaustion. 🙂

Wednesday: Woke up early again and walked to school with Lee and his best friend Alden, who birthday is the 19 of December. Jumped on the trampoline until around noon then went to my other best friends house, Meiya and  her mom Terri who is like the aunt I don’t have. (I have 2 aunt just non like her.)We played the day away and went to sleep still hearing Meiya’s beautiful piano playing.

Thursday: Woke up. Got dressed, ate breakfast and went with Meiya to school. If you ever get the chance to go or send your kids to Montessori, do so! Every Thursday Meiya’s class goes to “The Farm” which is A Farm! That week Meiya’s group was cooking. I helped with making the lasagne while a few other kids made brownies. There were extra noodles so while the food cooked the kid (me included) went to play and eat extra noodles! We could go anywhere on the farm! We played tag until the bell was rung then suddenly everyone ran to the basketball court. Once I got there I found out that the last one there has to write their name with their butt! We ate delicious lasagne, or at least anyone who wasn’t full of noodles. Then after cleaning our own dishes we were led down to a field that over looked the valley and the teacher read a famous poem to us. Then were told to run or walk along a path down hill then up hill till we got back after that we could play some more. We played tag and even though there was a bit of a mix up it was still fun. Ever since then I’ve been getting email’s from a boy named Ben who goes to Meiya’s school. That night I slept over with Meiya again.

Friday: Friday was the end of the world. We saw Andreas (my brother) Then went to Edge house hold. The Edge’s are Isabella (a girl my age with pink hair), Her brother Atticus (Eli’s age), His younger brother Quentin (Younger then Eli or I, I think he is like 7… I think) And Brooke (Mom’s friend and their mom).  Anton and his girl friend came. Terri and Meiya were there. We ate pizza there for it was called: End of the World Pizza ! Oh yeah. We went back to San Jose and slept at grandpa and grandpa’s house.


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