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Best Week in London

Upon  reflection, or from a strangers point of view last week, was pretty terrible. Let I still count it as one of my very favorite weeks here in London, even though we had one VERY big set back! The stomach flu!  I had it first on the night of the 3rd I pukedand day of the 4th I was sick but didnt puke then it was gone phew! but oh no. On the way to pick up the boys from the airport in a taxi Eli puked this was on the 10th. On the 13th Mom was sick, and that was the day we planned to go to the Les Mis.  Then on the 16th the day Eli had her birthday planned for Anton got the flu! Then yesterday the 17th Andreas had it too! Now I said Mom had it the day we planned to go to Les Mis, we still went just without mom. Then by the time Anton got it we knew it was highly contagious so  Eli was bummed , because that ment we couldn’t have Eli’s birthday  party at home like we planned, luckly after a hour to two of calling people and places, Pizza Express said they could have our party in the back of the restaurant! Well the party wasn’t exactly as we planned mostly because it was extremely winding and Eli’s birthday had lots of ballon chasing involved. So you might say “That sound like a terrible week!”  But I got to enjoy the company of my brothers and my dad scince he took sevral days off works, and I got to go to Eliana’s 9th Birthday!


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  1. Georgina Lawrence says:

    You’re a very optimistic young lady…and that’s the best way to be:) Happy B’day to Eli and nice to hear about your adventures in London:)

  2. Mom/Grandma/Pat says:

    Hi Emeline. It is SO SO wonderful to hear your “voice” again. I loved your recap of the week. I knew it had challenges but I am so glad it still qualifies as your best week in London. There is nothing like spending time with the people you love the most!!!!

  3. Sandra Grammie Goulding says:

    Emeline: I know I just talked with you today, but I just read your blog and want to tell you again how well you write. You have a way of putting it all together very concisely but with “color”, reality and humor. Keep up the good work, you are destined for great things!

  4. Emeline says:

    Thank you all, I love writing and hope to write more soon

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