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Raclette at Borough Market

One of my favorite meals from my first trip to Europe with my Dad while I was in my 20’s was raclette.  I think I had it in Switzerland, but I can’t remember for sure, Dad do you remember where we had raclette?  It is very simple.  Boiled potatoes with melted cheese.  The special raclette cheese is yummy and there are special raclette melting devices.

The stand (Kappacasein) at the borough market adds wonderful little pickles and pickled onions.

Watch a movie that the girls and I made of the making of Raclette at Borough Market London, click the link raclette medium

Emeline with her Raclette



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  1. Georgina Lawrence says:

    Jazz just had her first experience with Raclette this month too. Slightly different to the Borough Market way…but just as yummy. Well done!! Made my mouth water:)

  2. Ayala says:

    My husband loves that stuff, especially in the form of a dish called Tartiflette. Tastes greta, but that cheese does not smell pleasant when being cooked!

  3. Fabienne Fensie says:

    The pickles are cornichons. For you guys in the US, you can find them at Trader joes, as well as the cheese ( called raclette). This year it even comes already sliced( in a container, not a pack). Just took 16 years but what a joy when I saw that. If you don’t have the device, just boil some potatoes and then put them in the oven with the cheese on top. Fast , easy raclette.
    Now what we don’t have, is the cold weather to go with it, hahaha!!!
    PS: hi Georgina

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